A passionate team, a multicultural network of independent specialists from various fields. This is mybow Business Dream Factory, THE PARTNER when it comes to realizing your project or your business, advertising and sales dreams.

Mathieu Fasola

Head Communication & Finance

The initiator of the concept, the development of a personal project with a dynamic and creative team, was my dream for many years. I am convinced that mybow has the power to become a great community platform! Let's do it all together!

René Bachmann

Head Product Design & Digital Marketing

Create visions, develop ideas, improve ideas, put ideas on paper and - implement them! This is my passion! From the moment I heard about the idea, I was struck by lightning. Mybow is a passion in which I can contribute everything.

Beat Bachmann

Head Sales

Interested in seeing, feeling and testing new things, tools and methods, I am kind of a locomotive for the project. Active by nature, I need things to move forward quickly. I love it - pulling the strings in the background ...!

Daniel Ribeiro

Head Technology

MyBow is fun, exciting and useful! I love how technology can improve our world; and mybow does. It's a chance to take part in this adventure and work with so many people.

Yulia Bai

Head Team China

Mybow fascinated me from the beginning. Web platforms are very popular and widespread in China. My motivation is to bring experiences from everyday life in China to the mybow project.